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Paranormal, Romance, Vampires, Fantasy, Thriller, Gothic Romance, Erotic romance

Bloodwyn Rose
by Meghan Jenkins

As a blossoming young woman, Chloe dreaded the day Madame Isabella would take her out of the kitchen and put her to work in the bawdy house. Beautiful and headstrong, Chloe, orphaned as a child, worked as a scullery maid for as long as she could remember. Raised by Madame, she hoped she would remain in her position indefinitely.

Garret Bloodwyn, a bounty hunter by trade and vampire nobleman by birth, had little interest in anything other than collecting his next reward. When his father, Lord Bloodwyn, summons him to participate in the annual visit to the village of their namesake, Garret grudgingly accepts.

When Chloe finds herself offered to the young vampire lord, she can't think of a worse circumstance. Yet, that fateful night changes the lives of not only the two young lovers but of everyone around them. As their passions run deep, along with tempers, their worlds are turned upside down. A whirlwind of desire, blood thirst, and testing the boundaries of the vampire/human relationships, the two face more challenges than any couple should. Will their bond be strong enough to bear all that falls before them or will the strain tear them apart?

Meghan Jenkins is a first time author from Nova Scotia who finally decided to get her feet wet in the literary world. Writing has always been a hobby but it was time to take it a step further. Mother of two, avid daydreamer, caffeine addict and lover of all things cute and fluffy she is out to leave her mark on the world even if it is just a scuff for now. Although she carries background in Travel and Tourism, Meghan prefers to leave the traveling to the adventure junkies while she binge watches B-rated horror movies and crochets novelty hats.


Meghan Jenkins

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