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Romance, thriller, Stockholm Syndrome, family secrets, kidnapping, abusive father, survival

Captured Devotion
by Patricia McDougall

It's a Cadillac, and it's from him.

The gift is not a welcome one. After a traumatic childhood, Jady Donner cut off all ties from her father. She keeps to herself, studies hard, and is ready to graduate and move on with her life. Determined to return the gift, Jady advertises false wealth to a couple of brothers looking for a quick reward. The consequences take her down a dangerous road. Entangled in a love affair, a kidnapping and the revellation of family secrets, will Jady be guided by fear, or love?

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Patricia McDougall has had articles published in Yukon News and Today’s Parent Pregnancy magazine. She is currently penning a biography about her mother, beginning in Germany during the Second World War. She resides in Northern British Columbia with her husband and two young boys.


Patricia McDougall

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