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purple, family, Jane, eternity, Ancestors, Adopted, secrets

Cross The Veil And Near Me Dwell
by Monica Jo Carusi

Cross the Veil and Near Me Dwell is the story of Jane LaRoi, a young girl who has the ability to see and communicate with her own ancestors in the ethereal realm but struggles to do so with her family and peers on the physical plane. In essence, she is able to act as a bridge between realms and realities.

Jane’s ancestors provide her with guidance while they fight to overcome a power-hungry overlord on the ethereal plane who desires to control Jane and therefore her entire family in both realms of existence. This is Jane’s life story from infancy through the fourth grade. Her older sister Josie teases her and her parents do not understand how gifted she really is. Her ethereal family develops her intellect and prepares her to protect herself from the evil Zank Xu who sets his plan in motion by possessing his own family members on the physical plane.

The story is a combined fascination, science fiction and fantasy that neatly weaves together history, physics, and both Eastern and Western philosophy. The setting includes both the physical and ethereal realms of existence and is narrated as a reminiscence by the main character.

Monica Jo Carusi is the pseudonym of a new author who is originally from Southeastern Michigan and currently lives in Northwestern Ohio. She is a very private person who has had a long and rewarding career in healthcare but has wanted to write since high school. Her personal interests include music, mysteries, volunteering in her local community, and education. Ms. Carusi loves her family, her friends, her dogs, and her career. She has now realized her love of writing as well. Monica is most grateful for the encouragement of three friends in particular without whom this story may never have been published.


Monica Jo Carusi
Jordan Baer

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