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Pollywog Pickle, Big, Small, Frog, Superhero, Race, Children’s Stories, Plan, Horse, Animals

Pollywog Pickle's Great Big Plan
by Mark and Crystal Knechtel

“Pollywog Pickle

wasn’t big, he was little.

And that’s exactly what he

did not want to be.”

Have you ever wanted to be someone else, maybe a professional athlete or a famous movie star? Have you ever felt too small for your own big dreams? Pollywog Pickle is a little frog who wants to be bigger. He learns something very important. He learns that life is what you make it — that size is not as important as the ability to recognize opportunities. Polly gets a great BIG plan to do something big in a small way.

Growing up, Mark Knechtel was blessed with a vivid imagination. His school report cards often listed him as something of a daydreamer—which of course he took as a compliment. His imaginative nature meant that he was able to entertain friends and classmates with stories and pictures. Mark grew up in and around Waterloo, Ontario, where Mark and Crystal (his wife) and their kids live to this day.

In school, Crystal Knechtel excelled as both an artist and athlete and was encouraged by her teachers in both these endeavours. The encouragement that Crystal received for her art led her to believe that she might one day want to work on children’s books. After taking some watercolour lessons from a local artist, she decided to help bring her husband’s drawings to life.


Mark and Crystal Knechtel

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