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When I Was A Child... A Lyric For Life
Journal For A Songwriter
by SP Samuels

Born into All Hallows.

Wishing on a star of more than

Just because.

So why you tell me

All my saints, they don’t exist

But your Jesus does?

When I was a child, life was full of wonder and magic held fast by a child’s imagination and not by what they may have seen or heard. Then it was time to put away childish things in favour of a set of rules that should have defined but merely complicated.

The song lyrics in this book strive to accomplish two things. One, explore the wisdom of all such childish notions through the eyes of the forgotten child in all of us and two, fuel a series of fictional books with one already lurking… somewhere in cyber-land.

To live in unquestionable conscience,

Not even a second look.

A moment in time stands up as a spine,

Holding together life’s book.

SP Samuels was a child once… and is it by chance that a mere handful of moments in time, continue to construct him even to this day?

He considers himself as much a product of a youth spent in a smallish Canadian prairie city with ample elbow room as he does the recently acquired regiment of regularly examining the very filters that he views his world through.

When he is not working, he is writing. When he is not writing, he is running or drinking China green tea. He continues to manage a webpage that’s home to a smattering of lyrics and a story or two that is fuelled by them.

SP Samuels was a child once… honestly.


SP Samuels

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