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Girlfriend, Messy House, Emotional Healthy, Serenity in Your Life, Friendships , Peaceful Life, Toxic Friendships

Girlfriend, Your House is a Mess
Your Life, Your Rules and Your House
by Venez C. Allen

You deserve to be in a good place every day of your life. No one can take that from you. It’s your place, your house and your life! Enjoy it!

Getting to the top floor in life is a simple and easy process!

In life, we go through so many levels to obtain serenity. Women experience highs and lows from day to day with various relationships, life stresses, or just not being in a good place emotionally. It takes work to get to a good place which I call the top floor. When one reaches the top floor in life, you will then be consistently peaceful and learn how to handle those little annoyances that show up.

Before you know it, your mindset changes and you begin to put everything in its proper perspective - EVERYTHING. The purpose for your existence becomes a reality and you thrive to fulfill your dreams. The opinions and the negative thoughts of others seem to bounce off like water on plastic. Your affiliations are those of positive nature and who are uplifting to your spirit, but can also offer constructive criticism without tearing you down. The windows of your soul are open wider to view all the beauty that God has in store - you begin to see more clearly.

The beauty of living is that you can do it and be free; that’s when you know that you have reached the top floor........

After reading Girlfriend Your House is a Mess, I realized that I had not released or dealt with issues in my life. Married for almost 7 years, I had to forgive myself and begin to love again. Thank you for speaking words into my life to help me live again. Janice T.

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Venez C. Allen is a new and upcoming author who is passionate about getting the best out of life and relationships. Venez and her husband Eric have been married for 3 years and have three children.


Venez C. Allen

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