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Personal Growth, Real Life, Real Women, Self Esteem, Personal Power, Self-awareness, Responsible Living

Real Women...Real Talk
by Paulette Walker Johnson

Real Women... Real Talk is an enlightening and inspiring book that explores complex issues with a generous dose of humor. The topics are real, relevant and aimed at empowering women to seek their own truths and soar. The pages are packed with candid comments from women at every stage of life. While some live painful, fake and excuse filled lives, Paulette Walker Johnson keeps it ‘real’ and dares to tell you exactly how she feels.

“I live my own truth and I invite you to live yours.”

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Dr. Paulette Walker Johnson is the creator and host of a radio talk show that focuses on women’s issues. She is a graduate of Morgan State University, Springfield College and Virginia Tech. Dr. Johnson is an associate professor at Virginia State University where she spent 35 years coaching the nationally recognized “Woo Woos” cheering squad. She is a member of the CIAA(Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) Hall of Fame and a motivational speaker who lectures and facilitates workshops throughout the East Coast. She currently resides in Petersburg, Virginia.


Paulette Walker Johnson

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