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existence, divinity, meaning of life, the afterlife, morality, cultural evolution, relationships

GOD, The Active Principle of Infinite Love
by M.J. Azhikannickal

Thought-provoking and enlightening, God: The Active Principle of Love examines the “dual componency” of the metaphysical and the physical that encompasses human existence. Addressing the traditional teachings of a variety of world religions, M. J. Azhikannickal deconstructs the conventional understanding of “God” and “spirituality” and presents a refreshing view of our relationship with the Divine.

Human spirituality is a Theo-centric metaphysical ideation attained by disciplined physical instrumentation. Humans have a built-in free will through which they choose to “tilt” to the positive or the negative. Their choices impact society in general, because as individual entities, they are still intricately connected in the human aggregate. Tendencies to the negative have led to the degeneration and disintegration of all society, but an awareness of the Divine within us and a move to more positive choices will usher in a new era and a new civilization, where every human being, born and unborn, matters.

Although philosophical in nature, the book also touches on the practical implications of God as the active principle of love, including justice, relationships, sexuality, and charity. Readers will be challenged to expand their understanding of reality and align their actions with their understanding of divine love.

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M.J Azhikannickal has a master’s degree in English Literature with subsidiary courses in British History and Sociology. He has spent the seventy-two years of his life in two continents: Asia and North America, taking care to observe society and keep abreast of current affairs. He looks at the world with an inquisitive eye to understand what needs to be done to fix its problems.

Before retiring, he worked in small businesses and held managerial positions. Today he lives with his wife of forty-five years in Mississauga, Ontario. Together they have two adult children.


M.J. Azhikannickal

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