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    • 978-1-77097-246-9
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  • Paperback Edition
    • 978-1-77097-245-2
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
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    • 78 pages
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    • 978-1-77097-244-5
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    • 78 pages
  • Keywords
    • End of life care,
    • Eldercare,
    • Dealing with death,
    • Family reconciliation,
    • When a loved one is dying,
    • Saying goodbye

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End of Life Stories
Tips and Tools for the Souls Journey Home
by Cindy Bertrand Larson

End of Life Stories: Tips and Tools for the Soul’s Journey Home is an extraordinary book designed to ease people’s suffering in the face of death. Here, anxious loved ones of individuals who are at the end of their lives will find comfort, wisdom and acceptance through the stories of someone who has borne repeated witness to this often agonizing scene. There aren’t many things more terrifying than having to stare down the inevitability of death. More than fear, though, is the tangle of other emotions that can crowd this painful phase: guilt, anger, excruciating despair. Author Cindy Bertrand Larson, who has long worked in palliative care, seeks to mitigate these complex feelings for those who are suffering them, to deliver a sense of peace and fulfillment, and to help these troubled souls find resolution with dangling questions and unresolved issues. Though different cultures have different approaches to dying and death, there are some universal truths around achieving a so-called “good death.” In these instances, these people’s transcendence to another place made them better. And those who traveled with them on their sacred journey are similarly blessed with the same sense of enlightenment and peace. Here is a truly special book that reminds us that we can choose to let death conquer and consume us, or we can choose to let death uplift us, to allow it to teach and transform us, to make us more compassionate souls.

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Cindy Bertrand Larson works as a New Decision Therapist, a cherished role that sees her helping the sick, aged and dying, along with their support networks. She also teaches a workshop for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and is a facilitator, keynote speaker, puppeteer and author. Bertrand Larson lives in the Sonora desert with her husband, Terry, and her cat, Sheba. The nature preserve that serves as her backyard, and the beauty of its abundant lakes and trees, give her much joy. Bertrand Larson takes great satisfaction from knowing that she, too, is a piece of the natural world. And she embraces her own journey toward death with sincere gratitude for the breaths she continues to draw. She has written End of Life Stories to reach out to readers in a state of pain, loss, grief and uncertainty. She hopes that her words find troubled individuals as those of a trusted friend might, and that they provide genuine comfort in a difficult time.


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