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  • 256 pages
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Dream, Ayahuasca, Death, Journey, Inkling, Weave, Awareness, Understanding, Meaning, Addiction

An Inklings Weave
A Way to Understanding by Neith Arrow

Truth can only be spoken by Truth. There is no other way to say

It. Like wise does This Book speak for Itself with flowing Words

warmed up to paint vivid pictures as in a Dream giving one the

extrasensory experiences of seeing as no-seeing and doing as no-doing.

So exposed to the shadowy light of ones own sublime Theme does

the novel Kind sprout up as a Visionary show and tell to demonstrate

who You are. Yes, you as the well fed of fantasy, fiction and

self-help yet still hungry and sweating it out for Allegory and Metaphor’s

rich return. And the You standing upon your formative plateau

with nothing above and nothing below faced out in the apocalyptic

view of I Just Know There Is More Here Than Meets the Eye.

And are you ready to take the leap to greet It.

yoo hoo...

“ Neith. Your words are excellent.”

“…practically unintelligible.”


Neith Arrow photo

Neith Arrow is a visionary writer and

practicing sheman of the Diaspora poking

the flickering sparks of the eternal

flame into Nights sky that one might see

their own twinkling brilliance.


Neith Arrow

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