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To Love A Woman or Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies... cover

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Lesbian, Romance, Love, Erotica, Love Story, Lesbian Butterflies

To Love A Woman or Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies...
by Fire

Natalie had to live most of her life under her mothers controlling and influence, except for a brief term at the University which was full of new experiences. She now lives through a tepid marriage with her husband Pet in an upscale suburban neighborhood on a round, boring street. All that comes to an end when Victoria moves in to the neighborhood.

Victoria is a beautiful, sophisticated and a wealthy mother of two who is now in a relationship with a jealous and protective man, once her best friend. Victoria’s presence starts shaking up Natalie’s suburban flat-linings and really stirs up foreign feelings in side her. Gradually her fleeting crush develops into something much deeper and more profound, which leads the two women to abandon everything they have come to know and accept for a love and passion so strong that it will change them both to the core.

Fire photo

Writing is the passion that fuels author Fire De Ville.

As a child growing up in her native Lithuania, Fire literally was born to write and create colorful, engaging tales. She began her literary journey very early by writing her own adventurous bedtime stories as a young girl. Seems the “Hansel and Gretel” variety weren’t engaging enough for her vivid imagination. Later on, the adventurous tales crept into the waking world to the delight of her friends, family and schoolmates.

Flip a few pages to her life as an adult, and Fire knew her passion for writing was her destiny. Now living in the U.S., Fire rekindled her Lithuanian childhood and set her focus on authoring children’s books.

And then, a lesbian awakening changed Fire’s course forever.

“To Love a Woman” is the first installment of a trilogy born from

that awakening.

The rest? That’s another story for another time …


Cover illustration by
Scott Allan Bader

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