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Mid-life crisis, Modern family, Open marriage, Philosophy in marriage, Modern relationships, Individualism in marriage, Mid-life depression

Crossing a Point of No Return
by François A. Gouin

What a deception to climb the ladder of success and to realize, once at the top, that it is leaning against the wrong wall.

Jérôme Simard is celebrating his fortieth birthday and is wondering how it is that a person who has reached his targeted objectives cannot be happy, unequivocally happy?

Jérôme wants his life to be exciting and unpredictable, ready to shatter his status quo, even though his premonitory dreams had clearly showed him the consequences of his choices.

Taking the risk to jump into the unknown to change his foreseeable daily routine, he comes to realize that the ramifications of his decisions to move forward entail crossing a point of no return.

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François A. Gouin is a retired Chartered Professional Accountant, Bankruptcy Trustee and Forensic Accountant. Crossing a Point of No Return is the translation, by the author, of his first novel published in French in 1999 under the title Le Mirage d’une passion

Co-author of A Personal Reflexion on Burnout and Balance published in 1990, he published two more novels in French: Le Masque de l’Amour in 2000 and L’Envers de l’Inconnue in 2001.


François A. Gouin

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