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Muse in the Gothic Tower cover

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Poetry, Gothic, Love, Romance, Emotions, Light Versus Dark, Inspirational

Muse in the Gothic Tower
A Compilation of Poems by Angelica Hancock

We glorify our good experiences but we learn and grow most from our heartache and mistakes. This compilation is one person’s twenty year journey through the emotional hardships and joys of being human. Our past is light and dark, as are we, and to be truly whole is to embrace both.

“Now upon this time I struggle to find meaning

Now upon this time the day ends with no accomplishment

Now upon this time my joy of work is absent

Now upon this time I am defined by my role alone

Thence upon a time will this pattern be broken

Thence upon a time my satisfaction will be returned

Thence upon a time a decision made will I present

Thence upon a time will earned respect remain paid

Indeed my once upon a time will end with happily ever after

Indeed my once upon a time will become the tale of my present

Indeed my once upon a time will no longer be the precursor

By my honor, by my deed, by my vow thus made to me”

Angelica Hancock photo

Angelica Hancock is an artist and writer who lives with her husband, Scott, in North Texas.


Angelica Hancock

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