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  • Lucie and Lu's Adventures

    Travelling Vancouver, Canada and Australia by

    Everyone has their own way of living in the world and managing their fears and anxieties. But can two people with very different approaches come together to overcome obstacles? Rendered in full colour, this delightfully illustrated book is about ...

  • One Arctic Night


    17 Year old Panuk lives in Pangnirtung with his parents and extended family. Panuk’s parents have passed down many Inuit traditions to their children and have also taught them survival skills, including how to hunt and fish. Panuk’s father takes ...

  • Runkus Black

    Unfinished Business by

    Runkus Black now enters Hillcrest Lagoon High School, which is still under construction. With dreams of lifting the coveted Stephenson Cup football (soccer) trophy, Runkus and some of his schoolmates find unlikely allies. On his school’s trip to ...

  • The Wandering Years

    Seasons of Change by

    Based on a true story, this touching novel explores the life of a young Indigenous woman caught up in the challenges and growing pains of the tumultuous teen years. With the help of the medicine wheel and the transformative power of a butterfly, she ...

  • Where Eagles Come From

    A One Hundred and Fifty-Year Old Mystery is Solved From Clues in the Attic Trunk by

    Where Eagles Come From is a fictional story but it is based on true life events of a young, African American girls’ life, in modern times. Masie is an only child who lives somewhat lonesome in southern California with her mother and father. Since ...

  • Mothman's Vengeance


    Every year since 2002, over the third weekend of September, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia holds its Mothman Festival. But starting back in November 1966, locals reported dozens of disturbing sightings of a winged man near the Silver ...

  • Ghetto Girls Rule in Marseille


    “THE GHETTO GIRLS have somehow won a free trip to Marsay, France, to perform our play “Ghetto Girls Rule”. Rose couldn’t come because she is too little. So, it was me and my other sister Evelyn. Our mama said we could go if Robin Ann took ...

  • The Islands of Fortune and Misfortune


    In 1620, teenager Ethan Williams sails from England to Canada to hunt sea cows in order to help support his struggling family. Ethan takes to the life quickly and learns everything he can from his uncle Cedric, the men, the ship’s captain, and a ...