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teenage girls, youth, addiction, transitions, healing, Indigenous youth, Indigenous culture

The Wandering Years
Seasons of Change
by Jaynne Jansen

Based on a true story, this touching novel explores the life of a young Indigenous woman caught up in the challenges and growing pains of the tumultuous teen years. With the help of the medicine wheel and the transformative power of a butterfly, she experiences the guidance she needs while healing ancestral lessons that gives her a sense of place and belonging. This is a story of being lost, of being caught in the grips of addiction, and of learning to rise and find power. An important and timely story for any young person transitioning into adulthood, The Wandering Years, Seasons of Change explores what it means to find yourself, your path, and your culture and to rise above any difficult situation.

Jaynne Jansen is a French Indigenous Woman who grew up in a Northern Ontario town and has attended post-secondary education in a diverse field of Bachelors of Science, Autism and Behaviour Science as well as Business.

Jaynne has spent over 15 years working in the education and social work field helping young children, youth and young adults while teaching Indigenous culture.

She considers herself to be a Nomad, having moved to many different places and areas between Ontario and British Columbia, yet during her last 10 years living in North Bay, Ontario, Jaynne was inspired to write her first fictional story based on her daughter’s experience and struggles with changes during her wandering years. The story was written as an inspirational tool to help other youths going through similar challenges and addictions.

The setting of the story is based in a very beautiful hiking area called Duchesnay Falls Trails where she and her daughter spent much time hiking together in the nature trails to rejuvenate and get grounded.


Jaynne Jansen

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