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Malaysia, Parental death, Divorce, Vietnam War, Kota Baru, Bangkok, Sex trafficking

Starship Malaysia
Lies That Save Lives
by Keith Costelloe

“What kind of shit son am I?”

Scott, a seventeen-year-old Californian, dreams of his father being killed and then sees the news report of the accident on TV. His father dead, he is taken by his mother to Malaysia where he has to make new friends. Feeling lost over his father’s death, and missing his best friend back home, he records reports on life in Malaysia. Scott also worries he’ll become violent like his father, a Vietnam vet, but his out-of-body experiences help him look at the world in a different light.

Just as he is beginning to settle in, he falls in love with his new best friend’s sister. When he discovers she’s been kidnapped and is going to be sold into a sex trafficking ring, Scott, his volleyball coach and teammates, plan to organize her rescue, but become the target of the sex traffickers themselves. What chance does a group of kids have against a gang of criminals?

From the easy-going life on the east coast of Malaysia to the beating heart of Bangkok, this is a roller-coaster of a story.

Keith was, among other things, a high school teacher in Kota Baru, Malaysia. He has travelled extensively and has always written about the places he’s visited and lived in, taking notes and writing short stories.

His first book, Drawn into Danger was a counter-espionage thriller set in Algeria. Reviews from readers: “This book was insane” “Gripping from the first page.” “Keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

He is a member of Peninsula Productions, a small theatre group, writing and creative poetry groups. Keith lives in White Rock, B.C., with his dog, Rosie, and is currently working on his next book: Vampires in B.C.


Keith Costelloe

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