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  • Of Sticks and Stones: Book 2


    Of Sticks and Stones (Volume 2) continues the story of Libby and her grandfather, while shedding more light on other family members and their personal struggles. Libby’s younger brother, Nathan, is envious of all the attention she is getting, while ...

  • Of Sticks and Stones: Book 1


    Don’t be fooled by this young adult novel. It may seem like it’s a story about baseball and motorcycles, but it is at its core a lovely, heartwarming and perceptive work of fiction about friendships, family, love and support. Set during the late ...

  • Where Eagles Come From

    A One Hundred and Fifty-Year Old Mystery is Solved From Clues in the Attic Trunk by

    Where Eagles Come From is a fictional story but it is based on true life events of a young, African American girls’ life, in modern times. Masie is an only child who lives somewhat lonesome in southern California with her mother and father. Since ...

  • The Wandalyns


    Abandoned with her estranged grandmother for the entire summer, Dawn feels as though she has just been handed a life sentence. But the magic and mystery alive in the forest, surrounding her grandmother’s cabin, soon sends the teenage girl on an ...