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  • Four Play

    Book One by

    The racist and AntiSemitic tentacles of the Ku Klux Klan penetrate the teen community of Houston, Texas in the 1960s. Four high school friends are victims of student violence and the harsh treatment of their sinister assistant principal. Accepting ...

  • The Fugitives


    Many centuries ago the search for midwives and healers unleashed raids on villages and rural communities. Soldiers trained to carry out the raids destroyed homes, killed or maimed inhabitants and if a midwife or healer was found, that woman was ...

  • The Boy in Black


    “Living at the lake” is a boast in the minds of the populace surrounding the extravagant waterfront properties, a veritable blessing. Recently though, two different high schoolers have found themselves living at that very place, for much different ...

  • Daniel: The Age of Dissolution


    With the stock market collapse, Daniel's year-long quest to warn people about the imminent crash and its consequences has ended. He has been vindicated for the mockery and scorn that were heaped upon him, but he feels that he has failed because he ...

  • Nitam

    The First by

    A story of a disparate trio of Anishinaabe teens who found each other while trying to escape their personal terrors. It soon becomes a spiritual journey of one of those boys, who, through a sentence from the courts, an assemblage of unique people, ...

  • Daniel: The Age of Epimetheus


    To fight a war you know you cannot win; to accept only the few, small victories along the way, because that is all you can get; to advance boldly into a future, when you have already seen what that devastated future will be; to put one more foot in ...

  • Concentration Camps of Canada

    Based on a True Story by

    Imagine a world where everyone lives in harmony. A world where square miles of farmland are given to settlers in exchange for them agreeing to move there. A world of freedom, laws, and opportunity. That world is Canada, then and now. Unknown to ...

  • Daniel: The Age of Anxiety


    Daniel: The Age of Anxiety is the sequel to Daniel: The Age of Discovery. All Daniel's friends and enemies have returned. Daniel continues to struggle to overcome the prejudices against him because of his age, his wealth, and his intelligence. It ...