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Four Play, Sam Young, Boys coming of age, Teenage friendship, High-school bullying, Teen anti-Semitism, Life in the sixties

Four Play
Book One by Sam Young

The racist and AntiSemitic tentacles of the Ku Klux Klan penetrate the teen community of Houston, Texas in the 1960s. Four high school friends are victims of student violence and the harsh treatment of their sinister assistant principal. Accepting the erroneous story of the attackers, he hands out suspensions to the four friends seriously damaging their high school records and potentially barring them from acceptance at better colleges. They engage in a battle to clear their records as parents and lawyers join the fight ultimately leading to the exposure of the Klan's involvement. A graduation car trip through the deep south and up the east coast exposes more racism and leads one of the boys to accept confidential recruitment into the FBI as a mole on the Tulane University campus in the fall.

This is the first of a five book series following these four diverse and compelling protagonists for twenty years within the backdrop of social issues. Many segments inspired by actual events.

“I am officially hooked! If there is more I would love to read it. I finished the book last night and found it to be highly readable. Once I bonded with the characters I was anxious to read how they extricated themselves from their predicaments.”

---Ronald G. Wiesenthal, Attorney, St. Louis

“My main response is that you are a very talented storyteller! I am very interested in Sam and Ron and what's going to happen to them and to Joe and Dickey.”

---Dr. James W. Pipkin, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Houston

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Sam Young is a native Houstonian who attended Texas A&M University. Retired from the real estate brokerage industry he spent twenty years as a professional speaker delivering speeches and sales seminars internationally. He is a lifelong writer published in several genres.


Sam Young

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