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  • Swindler

    A.E. Dawson and The Canadian Problem by

    Insurance salesman. Farm hand. Bay Street elite. Writer. Grandfather. International criminal. A.E. Dawson was all these things--and more. Part family memoir, part criminal history and part adventure story, Swindler journeys from the bucolic...

  • The Missing Strad

    The Story of the World's Greatest Violin Forgery by

    Pay attention to that violin you used in high school. Look closely at the next violin you see at a garage sale. It might be worth millions of dollars. The greatest violin ever made is not in a museum. It might be in your violin case because it...

  • Good Luck Frenchy

    A Tale of RCMP Deception & Survival Through Thailand's Deadliest Prison by

    Being mistaken for someone else, being falsely depicted as an important international heroin importer and trafficker, and being made an unwilling accessory to murder aren’t everyday occurrences. Surely this is not how the police behave to get...

  • Surviving Corruption


    This book tells of the experiences of a boy from age four, to an old man who went through life making decisions in his world of corruption. His choices, often fuelled by adrenaline did not affect his ability to fly under the radar of his...

  • The Unveiling

    A Tale of the Indivisibly Unsurpassed Dichotomy of a Heroine's Journey to Freedom in an Urban Christian Family by

    This is a story of one person's resolve not to have been the victim, but to have risen above the tirade of evil. Its intrigue is bound by the reality of the ostensibly permeating lengths that one individual can go to cover their tracks. The...