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  • The Wildfire Twenty

    A Firefighter Memoir by

    In the spring of 2011, a devastating wildfire almost destroyed the town of Slave Lake. From the aftermath, a new type of Alberta firefighting crew was created to fight wildfires that could threaten entire communities. These 20-person crews would ...

  • Capitol City Fireman


    Every little kid dreams of being a fireman, most grow out of it; those who don’t just want to work in a big city at a busy firehouse. These are the stories of one man who did just that. The adventures are both entertaining and informative and one ...

  • Fire & Steam

    An Application Guide to Large Watertube Packaged Boilers by

    Fire & Steam is a practical applications book about large factory assembled industrial boilers. These are liquid and gas fired boilers ranging in capacity from about 20,000 lb/hr to 500,000 lb/hr. It addresses how the boilers are built and basics ...