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  • Radio History Ship Shore


    From flags and pennants to Morse code and complex telecommunications, Radio History Ship to Shore is a treatise on the navigational aids vessels have used over the centuries. Author Spurgeon “Spud” G. Roscoe takes the reader on a journey through the ...

  • Radio History

    Amateur Radio by

    In this sweeping history, author Spurgeon G. Roscoe takes a look at the world of amateur radio in North America and the special role the Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC), of which he is a member, played in it, from the time of the World Wars all ...

  • Waves Of Hope

    The Impact of Galcom Radio Worldwide by

    This is the compelling story of how God took a country boy, gave him a worldwide vision and then used him to impact the world through radio. From steamy jungles to clattering cities, from wind swept deserts to frozen tundra GALCOM solar-powered, ...