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  • I Know a Little About a Lot of Things

    A Chronical of my Life in Construction by

    The book is a chronicle of my life and my life-long career in the construction industry throughout Western Canada. It begins, as my life did, in the 50’s and traverses through to this present day, reflcting on the many life experiences, challenges ...

  • On Cold Iron

    A Story of Hubris and the 1907 Quebec Bridge Collapse by

    When engineering students in Canada are soon to graduate, the solemn “Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer,” penned by none other than Rudyard Kipling, charges them with their Obligation to high standards, humility, and ethics. Each budding engineer ...

  • Secrets of the Span

    Lions Gate Renewed by

    Lilia D'Acres, Lieutenant Governor Award's winner for 'Lions Gate' has written the second story of the bridge, highlighting the dishonouring of First Nations in the building process. The Lions Gate bridge refurbishment remains a world feat in ...