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  • Cane Creek Days


    Cane Creek Days is the memoir of a boy growing up on a story-book farm near Petersburg, Tennessee, the kind of farming life that no longer exists. The story takes place among the fields and small towns and bridges and dusty roads through which winds ...

  • A Lucky Prairie Boy


    Resilience. Persistence. Determination. Ingenuity. These are qualities farmers possess, and they were required to be a successful pioneer. They also happened to be some of the founding characteristics of the Brewster family. Douglas K. Brewster ...

  • Cover Cropping in Western Canada


    What is soil health and why is it so important? In short, healthy soil allows farmers to continue to produce our food safely and inexpensively, so it is vitally important to all of us and generations to come. Cover Cropping in Western Canada ...

  • The Soil Fixers

    Land stewards committed to the cause by

    Are they human, biological, extraterrestrial? The future of our food, our waterways, our climate, and our civilization depend upon soil. How we conserve, or repair damage to this essential resource is one of the most important commitments of our ...

  • From The Ground Up

    The Weltis In The New World A Pioneer Story by

    Michaela Welti’s story starts as a little girl born in Switzerland just as the Nazi party came to power in Germany, and the whole of Europe was plunged into war when she was six. With the sound of the guns at the front closeby, Michaela’s father ...

  • Landestreu, An Odyssey

    The Story of a Family over Time by

    The eighteenth century saw Prussia, Russia, and Austria competing for prominence in Central and Eastern Europe. Each sought to expand its territory by annexing weaker states. This led to the first partition of Poland in 1772 and subsequently to ...

  • Chronicles of the Glen

    Childhood Anecdotes at Poplar Glen Farms by

    Growing up in the middle of the last century, where the Parkland meets the Great Plains in Western Canada, did present its challenges but also furnished its rewards. The simplicity of life, the activities undertaken out of necessity, the sense of ...