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  • Compelled

    Workplace Sexual Harassment, Backlash, Bullying and Gaslighting: A Memoir by

    Compelled uniquely contributes to the current conversation about workplace sexual harassment, and discusses the backlash, bullying and gaslighting behaviours which often follow. Its theoretical, legal and historical overview provides context in ...

  • Poisoned Mind

    The true story of Deidre Ann by

    Abuse moves in cycles. When you’re born into it, you know nothing else. Kindness, warmth, and love are foreign to you—it scares you—even though you long for it. When you escape abuse, it’s all you seek because it’s all you know. Deidre Ann lived ...

  • Escaping My Predator


    Spousal abuse is all too common, and there are many—too many—families that are irreparably damaged. This book is a first-person account of what it takes to survive sexual assault, emotional abuse, and long-term harassment by an intimate partner. It ...

  • Fly Home, Little Bird


    Fly Home, Little Bird is Beverly's memoir, which focuses on the unexpected consequences of her parents becoming evangelical missionaries. The story arc includes living in a residential school spanning ten years where she was abused by the school ...

  • Tales From A**Hole Road

    Our Journey Through Harassment by

    When Christine and Tim Stevich decided to renovate a unique old house they had lived in for over a decade, located outside a small, rural town, they thought they had made the right decision. After renovating it into their dream home, they celebrated ...