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  • Volunteer Fundraising Simplified

    How to Raise Money for a Cause You Love by

    Volunteer Fundraising Simplified breaks fundraising down into basic steps so anyone can be a volunteer fundraiser, make a tremendous difference to a nonprofit, with the added bonus of feeling great about doing it. Topics include engaging potential ...

  • Good Work Done Better

    Improving the Impact of Community-Based Non-Profits by

    Is it possible that the organizations that serve the most vulnerable people in our communities are merely applying temporary patches? Why are most North American cities unable to deal with the root causes of the social challenges they are ...

  • Following the Martins

    A Story of Bringing Hope In Peru, Zambia and Uganda by

    Hajara, not yet 10, was a house girl, working dawn to dusk in a world of drudgery and abuse when Tom and Cheryl Martin rescued her. They found Kenny in the streets, an orphan with twisted limbs who desperately needed a wheelchair — and school fees. ...

  • The Big Cookie Proposition

    Insights and Inspiration for a Generous New You by

    Studies show that American Christians give only 3% of after-tax income to church, charity, and humanitarian causes. Why so little? In most cases, it’s not for lack of means or desire—they simply have yet to learn how people become givers. The Big ...

  • The Essential Volunteer Handbook


    The Essential Volunteer Handbook provides all the help you will need to find a rewarding volunteer experience in your local community. Easily read in one sitting, information is provided on locating and selecting opportunities that will make a ...