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  • Canadian Colonialism

    Past and Present by

    For anyone interested in Canadian history and past and present racism in Canada, this is a thoroughly researched exploration of Canada’s history of internal colonialism, starting in the mid-1800s. The author gives thirty examples of Canadian ...

  • Shaped by Hate, Exclusion and Racism

    How to Navigate and Rise in a Hostile Environment by

    This book tells a story of Tarcisse Ruhamyandekwe whose journey started at his birth in Rwanda. In his life, he has experienced so many acts of exclusion, discrimination and racism, so many times that his first reaction has been always to ignore ...

  • Colonization and Imperialism in Libraries

    Perspective from a Caribbean Immigrant by

    Former university lecturer and Caribbean immigrant Mark-Shane Scale offers an unsettling look at how the centuries-old legacy of colonialism and imperialism continues to haunt one of the most seemingly innocuous and unexpected of spaces: the world’s ...

  • Running For Freedom


    As you may have guessed from reading this book, i have deep feelings and strong opinions about human rights violation by those who helped create human rights in the world. everyone has the right to a life that is free of the fear of violence. For a ...

  • Diamond Gods Of the Morning Sun

    The Vancouver Asahi Baseball Story by

    This is the story of the Asahi, a Japanese Canadian baseball team that was formed in 1914 and competed in Vancouver's Caucasian leagues between 1918 and 1941. Using a strategy called "brain ball," the smaller Japanese defeated the larger white ...

  • VisAble and Empowered

    Tara’s Top Tips for Living Freely, Fully, and On Purpose by

    Living with a disability or chronic illness can be extremely frustrating. In addition to the pain and symptoms you have to deal with there are the many barriers you face on a daily basis. Then when you try to get anything done to improve your life, ...

  • Proclamation 1625

    America’s Enslavement of the Irish by

    When one thinks of slavery in America, the only thought that comes to mind is Africans picking cotton in the fields of America. What many Americans don’t know is that the Irish preceded the Africans as slaves in the early British colonies of America ...

  • Wawahte

    Indian Residential Schools by

    An important work that collects and preserves stories whose value will never diminish. Kirkus Reviews Wawahte is one of the few books that I would strongly recommend to anyone who needs to understand Aboriginal issues in Canada. This book ...

  • 3 or 4 Years an Indian


    A little story about one girl’s attempt to claim her heritage, and the maneuvering by the Canadian government to discredit that heritage. This book contains a “gift of words” for Toronto, with views on substance abuse presented in the spirit of a ...