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  • Beautiful Brilliant and Brave

    An homage to girls and women around the world who choose to think for themselves; to be trailblazers and to celebrate their greatness, with no apology. by

    “THE BUILDING OF MOUNTAINS and wondrous structures becomes a whole lot easier, and extensively more sustainable, when we commit to celebrating each other’s successes, rather than expending time and energy tearing them down.”

  • The Professor and the Plumber

    Conversations About Equality and Inequality by

    Two cousins meet for dinner. Who are they? Why is a plumber arguing with a professor? They begin to discuss one of the great problems of our time - inequality. Can they find solutions? Can they agree on the meaning of equality? Follow their ...

  • Escaping My Predator


    Spousal abuse is all too common, and there are many—too many—families that are irreparably damaged. This book is a first-person account of what it takes to survive sexual assault, emotional abuse, and long-term harassment by an intimate partner. It ...

  • Wedding Wisdom

    A Practical Guide to Personalizing Your Wedding by

    From “Red Shag Carpet” to “Love During COVID-19", 26 surprising, tense, tear jerking or quirky anecdotes are found throughout this informative practical guide on personalizing, planning and performing weddings. Doreen Wuckert offers thorough step ...

  • You're Probably Not Crazy

    A Book For Emotional Women, Written By an Emotional Woman by

    If you have ever felt like your emotions have no place in either your professional life or your personal one, you’re not alone. Janine Jeanson has been there, and she’s determined to educate readers so we can break the cycle of unhealthy emotional ...

  • The Life Of An Enigma

    A Biographical Account of the Life and the Times of John Okogun Omovuon of Ewohimi (Ebhokimi), Nigeria by

    The Life of an Enigma is an engaging read about an interesting and memorable life lived under uniquely challenging surroundings and times. The book is also an anthropological, sociological, and religious inquiry into the cultures and traditions of ...

  • In Harm's Way: Professional Heath Care Workers at Risk

    A critical argument for organizational change by

    In 2014 CBC television and radio investigated the treatment of staff at a high-risk adolescent treatment/corrections centre in British Columbia, Canada. This is a government run facility that put their staff in "Harms Way". WorkSafeBC (The Workers ...

  • Language and State

    An Inquiry into the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition by

    This book argues that while humans communicate using language, they create and use media. Media extends the distance of communication. Humans form themselves into a large community. This happens in a long historical process in which the state of the ...

  • How Will I Belong?


    How Will I Belong is the journey of a women as she migrates from Iran in the aftermath of Sept. 11 2001 to Montreal, Canada with her husband and two young sons. The book is an honest, humorous and deeply moving account of modern’s day immigration: ...

  • Do You Eat the Red Ones Last?

    Canada's Not-so-Clandestine War to Expropriate Indigenous Lands and Resources: An Anthropologist's Curious Journey Through the Mind-Fields of Indigenous Knowledge, Rights, and Culture by

    Part exposé, part memoir, part reference manual for reconciling Indigenous and non-Indigenous rights in Canada, Do You Eat the Red Ones Last? takes the reader on one anthropologist’s journey through the turbulent waters of Canada’s contested lands ...