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  • Finding HER Stuff

    Healing Encouragement Restoration by

    HOW’S YOUR HEART? This question bounced through my head one year before turning the same age Mum was when she suddenly succumbed to cancer. How was her heart? Did she become the person she wanted to be? Did she live out her dreams? Did she leave ...

  • Becoming Your Own Hero

    A step by step guide to living your best life by

    All of our lives we’ve been told that superheroes are these “fictional” characters with extraordinary powers, yet every day, millions of us put on our capes, and continue to face and overcome the obstacles, adversities, and hurdles in our ...

  • Tuning the Eardrums

    Listening as a Mindful Practice by

    Tuning the Eardrums invites the reader to approach listening as an intentional act. Gary Diggins draws upon his background as a musician and therapist in order to help individuals become more present to the ever-shifting nature of sound, music, ...

  • Color Up

    to Create the Life You Want to Live by

    Today’s world is stuck in black-and-white thinking that limits creative possibilities. We all need fresh ways to move forward beyond constraints that insist on only two possibilities—one right, the other wrong. But the world is not a ...

  • Spirituality: Inner Armor


    Spirituality: Inner Armor provides an antidote to the toxic effects that evil has in the lives of peace officers. True-life police stories from front-line officers portray the reality of evil actions and it’s effects in the lives of everyone ...

  • Kids These Days

    A Game Plan for (Re)Connecting with those we Teach, Lead & Love by

    The kids are the least of our worries. Seriously. If that sounds blasphemous in a book for concerned parents and educators (and anyone, really, who worries about “kids these days”), then I am so glad you’re here. If you own a kid, work with a kid, ...

  • Lovemaster'd

    A Digital Journey to Ultimate Love and Happiness by

    Seven years after his own first marriage has ended bitterly, happily remarried comedian Craig Shoemaker gets a Facebook message from Leah, a casual acquaintance, in which she tells him that her marriage of thirty years is ending. Something in Leah’s ...

  • T.U.R.N. O.N. T.H.E. S.W.I.T.C.H!

    Find a Passion and Obsess about it! by

    The power to change your life is in your hands. All you need to do is T.U.R.N. O.N. T.H.E. S.W.I.T.C.H! 15 transformational tools! This book will be a GAME CHANGER!

  • I'm Just Sayin'

    A Book of Sayings You May Have Heard or Even Thought by

    Children and adults will enjoy reading, relaxing, and even having a thought-provoking experience. If they are facing challenges in life this book may help to inspire them to overcome those challenges to accomplish goals they never thought ...

  • Humanizing Leadership

    Reflection Fuels, People Matter, Relationships Make The Difference by

    This book is not a leadership guide. It’s not some leadership 101 class that will draw you a picture of what a leader is supposed to look like and how you can learn to fit that mould. This is a book that will change the way you look at leadership ...