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  • Reflections for the Twenty-First Century


    Can you name a few habitats that are being destroyed? How is mitigation being done there? What would you do? What is your individual carbon footprint? Reflections for the Twenty-First Century explores the present state of Earth and Homo sapiens, ...

  • Mobilize Food!

    Wartime Inspiration for Environmental Victory Today by

    Faced with a climate crisis, can people commit to action? Faced with evidence that our agriculture and our diets fuel that crisis—producing significant greenhouse gases—can we muster the vision to produce and consume food differently? Transforming ...

  • Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters

    The Defining Issue of the 21st Century by

    Have you been wondering why our environmental progress has been so disappointing? The world is about to hit a staggering population level of EIGHT BILLION people living on one small planet. In this provocative and critically acclaimed must-read, ...

  • The Man Who Licks Rocks

    A Memoir - His Amazing Geological & Mineral Journeys leading to his Deliberations on Climate Change & Global Population-Pandemics by

    The earth is constantly changing, as it has for the past 4.6 billion years. The massive geological shifts that have happened over earth’s long history have led to various climate changes, including ice ages and warming periods. Despite dire warnings ...

  • It's The Sun, Not Us

    How Global Warbling and Green Ideology have Hijacked Science by

    Earth’s climate is changing—it always has and always will. The cause may be debated, but “man-made global warming” has become the accepted narrative and “Big Oil” the popular villain. Anyone daring to challenge this “consensus” is attacked: smeared, ...

  • From Miracle to Menace

    Alberta, A Carbon Story by

    A miracle. Coal, oil and natural gas, the carbon-based fossil fuels that powered the Industrial Revolution and civilization’s rapid advancement. A menace. Climate change has how convinced many that carbon emissions are the world’s greatest ...

  • The End of Fossil Fuel Insanity

    Clearing the Air Before Cleaning the Air by

    Everyone knows that fossil fuels won’t last forever. Something needs to change at some point, regardless of whether the issue is climate change or because we need a practical replacement for petroleum as cheap supplies run out. But while headlines ...

  • The Fight Against Geoengineering


    Do you find it strange that some airplanes leave lines in the sky while others don't? Ever heard the word "chemtrails"? Well, something is happening up there in the sky. This book details the history of weather modification, the dangers it has to ...