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  • Solutions for a Wounded Planet


    Depressed about the environmental disaster currently rocking our world? Unsure about what to do when climate change is only growing worse? Fearful of what the future might look like with so many world powers refusing to acknowledge the issues at ...

  • Space-Earth Matters


    The human perception of Earth in space is ever changing. Once upon a time there was this belief that our Earth is flat… But scientifically, what is currently known of Earth in space and life on Earth? In Space-Earth Matters, Dr. Parashar outlines ...

  • It's The Sun, Not Us

    How Global Warbling and Green Ideology have Hijacked Science by

    Earth’s climate is changing—it always has and always will. The cause may be debated, but “man-made global warming” has become the accepted narrative and “Big Oil” the popular villain. Anyone daring to challenge this “consensus” is attacked: smeared, ...