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  • Science and the Genesis Account of Creation

    From the Big Bang to the End Times by

    I read statistics that over 80% of Christians lose their faith while attending public school and University. Children brought up in a Christian home are 45% less likely to turn to crime, than those in non-Christian homes. It really made me wonder. I ...

  • God is Alive and Well


    A soul-touching and inspiring book, God Is Alive and Well presents a fresh and exciting view of God that will ultimately draw readers into a deeper understanding of—and relationship with—their creator. Dr. Walker asserts that to “fully understand ...

  • Gump


    In this autobiography, Andy Lawrance reflects on his life, as a sailor in the Canadian navy, his experience in the Korean War, his spiritual journey and later his life as a missionary in Brazil. In each chapter, he reflects on an episode in his ...

  • Reconstruction in Western Theism

    A Phenomenological Approach by

    This book is a contribution to the existing body of philosophical and theological thought in the Western Church. It is a personal account, not a historical or chronological one. The approach taken reflects the change in mind of the author from a ...