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Science and the Genesis Account of Creation cover

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Science and the Genesis Account of Creation
From the Big Bang to the End Times
by Chuck Jersch

I read statistics that over 80% of Christians lose their faith while attending public school and University. Children brought up in a Christian home are 45% less likely to turn to crime, than those in non-Christian homes. It really made me wonder. I took a semester of law through Queens University about 55 years ago and in it they mentioned that our current laws are based on the Mosaic laws and the laws of Hammurabi. When I started this study about 20 years ago, I was going to prove Science wrong. After reading the Bible in six different translations and taking about fifty university courses through “The Teaching Co” ( I found that different Denominations interpret the Bible Quite differently. In my book I have tried to bring Christianity and science together as Companions rather than adversaries.

Chuck Jersch was born the fall of 1936, in a log cabin on a homestead near the town of Tomahawk Alberta. He had a sister who was 3 years older than him but as the school was about 3 miles from home his mother, who was a school teacher decided to sign up for correspondence lessons for his sister. He decided to sit in on his sister’s classes. His parents sold the homestead in 1942 and bought a half section of land near Highridge Alberta. The school which taught grades 1-9 was about two city blocks from the house so he was able to start grade one. This is where his first lesson in “interpersonal relationship skills” took place. When the teacher asks a grade 4 class a question, a student from grade 1 does not answer it. For high school he took a school bus 20 miles to Barrhead Alberta where he graduated. He joined the Bank of Montreal and spent the next ten years learning economics, interpreting balance sheets and banking in general. He didn’t enjoy banking, so he decided to try sales, first office equipment and the clay masonry products. This company were introducing their products for-high rise buildings. The company sent him to Falls Church Virginia for a month-long engineering course. There were 10 students, 8 with their engineering degrees and 2 with their high school diplomas. He made his company proud by acing the final exam. He got itchy feet again and joined the Youth Science Foundation as Executive Director. After about 8 years, he got tired of having a board of directors deciding what programs they would hold and then tell him “Ok, now you find the money”. Upon leaving the foundation he bought a tool and equipment rental company. It was a perfect fit, and he had all sorts of toys he could play with. It was during this time that he discovered “The Teaching Co”, that provide courses in a variety of disciplines. He has taken many of them, mostly Theology and Engineering. He found that engineering is consistent from one University to another, but Theology may be diametrically opposite. That is why he wrote this book.


Chuck Jersch

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