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  • Within the Heart of God, I Am

    Dare to See Your Own Beauty by

    Within the Heart of God, I Am is a true story about the mystical experiences and divine support that not only changed the author’s life forever but propelled her to share it. Here is the detailed description of how the voice of God makes itself ...

  • Miraculous Healing

    Exploring Miraculous Healing in God's Redemptive Mission by

    Does God Still Miraculously Heal? Some Christians claim that God answered their prayer for a miraculous healing; others are puzzled why God didn’t do likewise for them. Miraculous Healing explores the how, why, and the why not of divine healing. Max ...

  • A Risk Taker's Journey

    From Trials to Triumph by

    A RISK TAKER'S JOURNEY - FROM TRIALS TO TRIUMPH At the age of five, Manuel Donoso rode a wooden horse and pretended he was a cowboy. Two years later, he saddled a real horse and became a real “cowboy”. As a teenager, he found himself conscripted ...