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  • Choose You This Day


    The Derksen family has come to Wuestenfelde as refugees from Friesland, Mennonites that have fled the persecution of all Anabaptists, primarily due to the debacle of their takeover of Muenster in north Germany. Misguided followers of Melchior ...

  • Talking About Sex

    Sexuality and Biblical Law with Topical Concordance by

    If you’ve been looking for a Bible study on Sexuality, then this is the book for you! Sexuality has been a divisive issue in many churches. Many of us want to be faithful Christians but aren't sure what to do with Biblical law and sexuality. ...

  • Mennonite Ethics

    From Isolation to Engagement by

    J. Lawrence Burkholder was a sectarian realist who advocated nonviolent activism in order to engage the faith community with the power structures that guide society and politics. He encouraged the Mennonite church to move beyond its tradition of ...

  • The Pastor-Congregation Duet


    In a time of shifting worldviews and changing expectations of the church, how does a pastor navigate the challenges, joys, and pains of ministry? How does a church support, love, and hold accountable its pastoral leaders? The key lies in the ...

  • Canadian Prairie Mennonite Ministers' Use of Scripture

    1874-1977 by

    A chance discovery of a log book of sermons by grand-uncle and Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference minister Cornelius G. Stoesz led Donald Stoesz on a fifteen-year odyssey in which he identified four hundred and fifty-seven Scripture texts used ...

  • Living on the Edge of the Edge

    Letters to a Younger Colleague by

    There are several divisive issues that separate Christian from Christian in the current century. One issue is the church’s management of clergy sexual abuses of children, teens and adults. A second is the issue of sexual gender orientation and ...

  • Saigon to Singers Glen

    One Hundred Moments in the Life of a Mennonite Farm Boy by

    On a global yet intimate scale, this thoughtful memoir invites you to explore a life well lived. Get to know Jim Bowman: he grew up in a conservative Mennonite farm family in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, came of age in the war-torn streets of ...

  • A Witness in Times of War and Peace

    The story of Gerhard Hein, a Mennonite Pastor who served in the Wehrmacht During World War II by

    A Witness in Times of War and Peace is a searing memoir that describes the struggles a Mennonite pastor experiences during the Second World War. Gerhard Hein is a practicing Mennonite when he is called up for duty, and he must reconcile his pacifist ...