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  • With Eyes Above


    Built on the foundation of Colossians 3:1, which urges us to keep our hearts and minds on the things of God, With Eyes Above: A Poetry Anthology is an honest, vulnerable, and thought-provoking collection of poems by May that will touch the hearts ...

  • The Modern Testament

    Book I - Reconciliation by

    The Modern Testament (TMT), Book I, Reconciliation is the first book in a series with a purpose of providing tangibility to spirituality and modernity to traditional religion. It is written for those wishing to have a connection with a higher power ...

  • People and Places of Sacred Interior Spaces

    Midrashic Monologues and Guided Meditations by

    Each piece in this book takes you on a journey into the interior spaces of your spirit. The book is divided into two sections: guided meditations and midrashic monologues. The guided meditations invite you to imagine places and experiences that ...

  • A Series of Something Serious

    Volume 1 by

    Through daily prayer and meditation, Carolyn Walker was led to write about life events with the goal of inspiring others to keep the faith and never give up. The result is this combination of poetry and scripture commentary, her first published ...

  • The Urge Within Me


    My book consists of some analyses of my own person and the way i see the world through my experiences in every day life.Having been raised in a religious environment has also given me an outlook on life and it's pitfalls as well as the good things ...

  • Heaven & Hell

    A Right Relationship with Our Heavenly Father by

    This is by no means, nor could it ever be, an exhaustive or authoritative book on the subject of “Heaven & Hell” or “A Right Relationship with our Heavenly Father.” I have used credible and authoritative sources, relied heavily on various Holy ...

  • Until My Heart Sings


    Beth Borderieux’s book is based on experiences in daily life that could be connected to truths about God. While doing an everyday task, God often showed her a spiritual truth related to what she was seeing or hearing. She jotted down the ideas and ...