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  • The UpSideDown Life


    A newly Christian friend of mine asked me to recommend a book to help her and her husband get off to a strong start in their new faith. I set out to find the perfect book. To hold their attention, it had to be the literary equivalent of a ...

  • Walking, The Way

    Discipling Everywhere; with a Fresh Set of Eyes by

    Walking, The Way is the inspiring true testimony of a man who was obsessed with his own needs and desires for over 35 years. A survivor of childhood sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, he became consumed by sin. Immorality, ...

  • Home Together

    Student Ministry at the Menno Simons Centre by

    Emerging adults today feel homeless and alone. How can the church share the good news of a God who offers home and togetherness? Home Together gives a compelling account of a Christian student residence that has shared this good news by engaging ...

  • These Beautiful People

    Real Stories. Relentless Hope by

    “Africa’s real beauty—her greatest treasure—is her people.” — Twila Stories are powerful. Stories tear down walls that keep us from each other. Stories set us free from the prisons we live in by suffering in silence. *** These Beautiful People ...

  • Goodness is Contagious

    From Profit to Purpose by

    At the age of eighteen David Ash attended a seminar that would change the direction of his troubled young life forever. His heart and mind were filled with hopes and dreams of a life he could never have imagined before. That day he set his first ...