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salvation, Christian faith, Kingdom of God, following Jesus, new Christians, Lordship of Christ, prayer

The UpSideDown Life
by Nathan Weselake

A newly Christian friend of mine asked me to recommend a book to help her and her husband get off to a strong start in their new faith. I set out to find the perfect book.

To hold their attention, it had to be the literary equivalent of a successful date night movie. It needed romance, humor, suspense, and possibly lucrative product placements. It needed something for him and something for her. But it couldn’t be fluff, it needed to be genuinely helpful. I set out to find such a book.

I left no stone unturned. I left no turn stoned. In fact, at no point was I stoned. Rather, my glassy eyes were due to disappointment, as book after book failed to meet my stringent criteria. But I didn’t give up, instead, I started writing the book I was looking for and now you have it in your hot little hands - unless you have cold hands. The temperature of your hands is beside the point.

The point is new Christians have long needed a wise and fun mentor to guide their formative first steps as Jesus followers. The three core beliefs and six core practices of the UPSIDEDOWN Life provide the wisdom, I solemnly pledge to bring the fun.

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Nathan Weselake is popular with conference organizers as a keynote speaker, particularly when more sought-after speakers have cancelled at the last moment. Nathan Weselake can come on short notice. Nathan Weselake is a fantastic consolation prize. He holds a Master’s degree from Regent College and has twenty years of pastoral experience. Eighteen of those years have been spent at Prairie Alliance Church in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba where he currently lives with his wife Tamara and their three teenage sons. They also have an adult daughter who would be upset if she wasn’t included in his back cover bio and whose wrath Nathan fears.


Nathan Weselake

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