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  • You Have Been Baptized, Now What?

    Spiritual Growth for the New Christian by

    I Have Been Baptized . . . Now What? is a personal devotional tool for new Christians. Both a workbook and an educational resource, this book covers topics such as community, prayer, and the importance of waiting on the Lord in all aspect of our ...

  • A Sunday Devotional

    The Book of Jeremiah by

    As this book is being prepared I am so humbled and grateful that God has taught me patiently one on one over the years at the altar. Bored in church I spent hours seeking God in an attitude of praise, thanksgiving, and prayer. I waited for Him to ...

  • Psalms of an Ordinary Woman II


    Psalms of an Ordinary Woman II continues to share how God’s love and grace, allows His people to find joy in the midst of life’s challenges. This book is for anyone seeking spiritual comfort in a challenging world. Do not let the briars and ...

  • Rescued by the Light

    A True Story by

    I was born in Chile South America. Having the Pacific Ocean on one side and the famous Andes Mountains on the other, my life was adventurous. However, though the beauty of nature surrounded me, turmoil traumatized much of my young life. In 1973 ...