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  • It’s Real Ministry

    How Part-time and Bi-vocational Clergy are Challenging and Empowering the Church by

    Time to challenge your current thinking about ministry! Probe your assumptions about congregational well-being. Address your assumptions. Open the possibility of unleashing a significant new wave of Christian mission. Find new, fulfilling ...

  • Spirit Dawnings

    A Spiritual Autobiography by

    As I began to share parts of this, friends asked why I was writing it. I want to respond to all and any who will read this as I did to them. I needed to be able to have this reflection for myself. In these years it seemed as though I have been ...

  • My Daily Discoverment

    40 Days of Vocational Discernment for Young Adults by

    My Daily Discoverment is a resource for young adults in the Christian tradition who want to explore vocational discernment. Utilizing forty daily reflections from the author, reflection prompts with space to journal, and additional commentary from ...

  • Called! A Longshot's Story


    This delayed coming-of-age story intimately recounts Gordon Postill’s life from 1970–1980, a decade that pivotally shapes how the rest of his life will unfold. Initially a story of failure, self-loathing, addiction, and deceit, it’s ultimately a ...

  • Useful Admonitions to the Christian Nurse

    A Pragmatic, Theological, and Empirical Equipoise by

    The author explored the idea of healing of the whole person, and the understanding of health in holistic context evident in nursing practice, and persuasively argued that same idea is not radically distant and distinct from the context and the ...

  • A Presbyterian Requiem

    A Canadian Pastor Reflects on 50 Years of Ministry by

    This memoir recounts six appointments over a half century of Christian ministry.The author, Don MacLeod, has seen the Presbyterian Church in Canada go through some major challenges, as Canadian society is changing. He was accepted as a candidate for ...

  • Craft, Cost & Call

    How to Build a Life as a Christian Writer by

    Inspiring and immensely readable, Craft, Cost & Call offers hands-on help to people of faith who want to write well and understand what it takes to be published. For writers yearning to grow in their craft or hoping to launch a writing career, this ...