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Spirit Dawnings
A Spiritual Autobiography
by Reverend David E. Sharpe

As I began to share parts of this, friends asked why I was writing it. I want to respond to all and any who will read this as I did to them. I needed to be able to have this reflection for myself. In these years it seemed as though I have been greatly blessed. Even more than I deserved. Yes, the Apostle Paul discovered “grace abounds”, but it was hard to accept it was even for me. However, in writing this I know for sure that grace abounds even for me, then now and always. In reading I hope you will also. If you do not know, this is an invitation for you to live in it. Just accept it!! I hoped that in these reflections some readers might also reflect on where the Spirit was leading them. By my experience the reader may reflect and discover life situations that passed them buy only because they either did not know the source of that door opening or did not trust it. They may also discover as I did that indeed God was active in their lives. I believe that is true for all of us. Dave Sharpe, Author

Reverend David Sharpe has been a United Methodist Pastor since 1965. Over the years he has come to discover ways in which he has been guided by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes hearing and at other times hearing clear guidance. Discernment as helped him become more attune and willing to follow the Spirit's guidance. Perhaps the lessons learned and shared here will assist the reader in opening his or her life to the presence of God in new or refreshed ways.


Reverend David E. Sharpe

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