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  • Jesus Meets the Buddha


    Does any one religion have all the answers? Or must we find the answers to life’s questions within ourselves? What would the Buddha think of Jesus’ message of unconditional love? Would the Buddha and Jesus have any common ground? In Jesus Meets the ...

  • The Path of Love

    The Future Of Buddhism as a Science by

    The Buddha was a scientist. Instead of using a microscope or a particle accelerator, the Buddha used ESP. He had several psychic powers that allowed him to perceive in detail the psychology of karma, the evolution of consciousness, and subatomic ...

  • How Mindfulness Meditation Works

    A Modern Buddhist View by

    The front cover is the visualization for a meditation designed to recall the Bodhiccitta of infancy. Some Buddhists believe infants are born enlightened. Imagine there suddenly appears a glowing ember in your heart that glows stronger as you breath ...