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  • Singleness in God's Redemptive Story


    For generations, the predominant message in the church has been that to live a complete and happy life, one must marry and have children. And while this does bring joy and fulfillment for many, other Christians are called to a life of singleness—or ...

  • No Word Wasted

    35 stand-alone life-lessons with a unique perspective from God's Word by

    But He answered and said, “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4 No Word Wasted is a collection of valuable life lessons with a unique perspective from God’s ...

  • Follow the Lamb Wherever He Goes

    A Call to Discipleship from the Book of Revelation by

    The world is changing at a rapid pace and most people are busy just trying to keep up. Some are moving in the right direction, some in the wrong direction, and many are just running without much thought about where they are going. Who will you ...

  • The Mass

    The Mystery at the Centre of Salvation by

    “The Eucharistic Celebration is much more than a simple banquet: it is exactly the memorial of Jesus’ Pascal Sacrifice, the mystery at the centre of salvation …” —Pope Francis Many Catholics attend Mass regularly but lack a deep understanding of ...

  • Journey Through The Bible

    406 Daily Readings by

    Have you ever tried to read the Bible from start to finish but found it too complicated or overwhelming, causing you to give up even before you’re partway through the Old Testament? No book is as life changing as the Holy Bible. And yet, so many ...

  • Talking About Sex

    Sexuality and Biblical Law with Topical Concordance by

    If you’ve been looking for a Bible study on Sexuality, then this is the book for you! Sexuality has been a divisive issue in many churches. Many of us want to be faithful Christians but aren't sure what to do with Biblical law and sexuality. ...

  • The Faces of Eve

    A Woman's Bible Study for the Broken in Spirit by

    Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out the way you expect. Along its path we suffer many disappointments, hardships, and failures leaving us shattered and broken of heart. Often we come to a point where life seems hopeless and our dreams of a ...