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Journey Through The Bible
406 Daily Readings
by Brenda Ryan

Have you ever tried to read the Bible from start to finish but found it too complicated or overwhelming, causing you to give up even before you’re partway through the Old Testament? No book is as life changing as the Holy Bible. And yet, so many people have a difficult time reading it, getting bogged down with the genealogies in 1 Chronicles or the seeming convoluted laws of Leviticus, never mind the confusing imagery of Revelation. Furthermore, they have no idea how the people, events, and themes of the Old Testament connect with the New Testament and vice versa. If this describes your experience, then Journey Through the Bible is the perfect book for you. Wherever you are in your faith journey, this book of 406 daily readings makes each part of the Bible relevant, clear, and easy to understand. By inserting several points of interest along the way, author Brenda Ryan emphasizes the messages that are relevant to you and your faith walk while also connecting the Old Testament with the New Testament and the promise of a Saviour. Each reading includes, on average, three chapters of the Bible in chronological order, from Genesis to Revelation. At the end of each reading, space is provided for you to jot down and reflect upon any other points of interest that you encounter along the way. By the time you complete your journey, not only will you have a clear overview of the Bible and its one big story, you’ll be ready— and eager—to start all over again.

Through this fun-loving commentary and devotional, Brenda takes you on a journey through God’s Word that provokes thought into what God is saying through the entire Bible; both the Old and New Testaments. She approaches each daily reading in such a way that your head doesn’t get bogged down with trying to understand what you’re reading but, instead, your mind is able to be open for the Truth of God’s Word to find its way into your heart and life. The chronological layout helps you to understand the timeline of the Bible and provides a clearer understanding of those events of history and God’s involvement in them. Thank you Brenda for your kind way of sharing the love of Christ through Journey Through the Bible. —Jackie Mellon Sister in Christ

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Brenda Ryan is an adult education teacher with her local school board. She is also certified as a director of parish services with Lutheran Church-Canada. She held a full-time position in a Lutheran congregation in Ontario, Canada, from 2000–2008. She continues to serve in several informal positions within her own congregation, as well as, facilitates a community-wide women’s Bible study and prayer group. Since 2017, Brenda has been encouraging people in their Christian faith walk through weekly devotions posted on her blog, CoffeeTime Ministry with Brenda Ryan ( She has also spoken to a variety of Christian ladies’ groups, serving as the keynote speaker at the annual convention of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League – Ontario in 2019. Brenda lives in Lambton Shores, Ontario, with her husband, Rick, their dog, Cuba, and their beta fish, George. She and Rick have three grown children and currently two grandchildren. For the discount schedule on bulk purchases, please contact Brenda at


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