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  • Reflections For A Thirsty Soul


    We live in a fast-paced and frenzy-driven world. Go, go, go seems to be the order of the day. What do you do when life wears you down? Is your soul crying out for relief because the daily grind has left you so exhausted? "Is this all there is to ...

  • Treading On Serpents

    A Daily Devotional for Those Who are Bullied, Gang Stalked, or Harassed by

    Do you have the feeling that your every move is being monitored and controlled? Have you encountered signs that your phone, email, and belongings are being tampered with? Is your very sense of reality being undermined again and again by people you ...

  • A Change of Heart

    Understanding the Kingdom of God by

    A Change of Heart: Understanding the Kingdom of God by Clemmie A. Scott, Jr. is a piece of Christian non-fiction literature for anyone—new or life-time believer—looking to deepen their relationship with God. Focusing on the heart as the metaphorical ...

  • The Urge Within Me


    My book consists of some analyses of my own person and the way i see the world through my experiences in every day life.Having been raised in a religious environment has also given me an outlook on life and it's pitfalls as well as the good things ...

  • The Botanical Easter Story

    Third Edition by

    In a unique way, follow Jesus through the last week of His life. Meditate on a paraphrased version of Jesus' passion and death while enjoying photos of forty-eight plant species. After a visit to Israel, author Nola Orich was inspired with a ...

  • Dancing My Way Through Hell!


    Her mother sternly said, “Gene! Stop that tap dancing right now! You’re going to dance your way to hell!” The first half of her life surely felt that way – three sexual assaults, two abusive husbands, three children for whom she was the sole ...

  • Until My Heart Sings


    Beth Borderieux’s book is based on experiences in daily life that could be connected to truths about God. While doing an everyday task, God often showed her a spiritual truth related to what she was seeing or hearing. She jotted down the ideas and ...

  • Come, Walk With Me


    Come, Walk With Me, is a compilation of real conversations with the Almighty! The author has chronicled every detail of those spiritually satisfying conversations with astonishing clarity through prayers, poems and songs. As you go for your walks, ...