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  • The Story of Job and Job in a Cheviot Plaid

    A Translation of the Book of Job and a Poetic Rendition in the Scots Language by

    The book is in two parts. The first part, the Story of Job, is a translation and arrangement of the Book of Job extracted from the academic commentary on the Book previously published by Professor Gray. The second part, Job in a Cheviot Plaid, is a ...

  • All About Eden

    The Genesis of Sex by

    It wasn’t Eve’s fault. All About Eden: The Genesis of Sex is an intriguing exploration of the Garden of Eden story from a new perspective: Eve is not responsible for the sin of the world. Detailed reinterpretation of a key Hebrew word in Genesis 1–3 ...

  • God on the Job

    God's Probe in Job by

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Furthermore, why does God allow, or even seem to orchestrate those bad things? This book is about this ages old, troubling question. It is about God and us. Job, who God says is blameless and upright, is ...

  • A Bold New Foundation for Christianity

    Near-Death and God-Story Experiences Show God Working in Our Lives by

    MODERN EVENTS CHALLENGE RELIGIOUS WORLD UNDERSTANDINGS Mr. Bond, as a scientist outside the religious establishment, and not subject to its conforming pressures, dares to address today’s several internet collections of supernatural experiences. ...