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Book of Job, Leviathan, Why bad things happen to good people, God’s plan, Human suffering, Suffering of Job, Blessing and curse

God on the Job
God's Probe in Job
by Joyce Jungclaus

Why do bad things happen to good people? Furthermore, why does God allow, or even seem to orchestrate those bad things?

This book is about this ages old, troubling question. It is about God and us.

Job, who God says is blameless and upright, is the perfect example of a good person who suffers intensely. In an effort to understand and make sense of this, Joyce Jungclaus shines a spotlight on the various players in the Bible’s story of Job. Revealing the hidden pitfalls of human nature, God’s true character, the presence of evil, God on the Job illuminates the hope and light of God’s plan.

By understanding the nature and purpose of God, we can develop an understanding of human suffering and God’s grace.

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Joyce Jungclaus grew up in post-war England and emigrated to Canada in 1967. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with her husband Friedhelm and dog Poppy. They have four grown sons. A Job-like encounter with God inspired Jungclaus to write this book.


Joyce Jungclaus

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