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  • Moonlight Serenade

    Embracing Aging Mindfully by

    AGING – You can run from it, but you can’t hide, so the inevitable question is HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MEET IT? With avoidance, rigidity, or resignation on a mournful protest through your remaining years? Or will you enhance the quality of your ...

  • Taming My Animus

    A Poemography by

    This book of poetry and photography describes a woman’s fictional journey of psychological maturation, of getting to know, tame and integrate her Inner Man or Animus into her conscious self. The archetype of Animus is the totality of the ...

  • Psychology of the Spirit

    A New Vision of the Soul Integrating Depth Psychology, Modern Neuroscience, and Ancient Christianity by

    While not all aspects of Carl Gustav Jung’s work have aged well, many of his ideas remain consistent with current concepts in behavioral psychology and neuroscience. Psychology of the Spirit reviews the lasting effects of Jung’s work and how it ...