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  • The Search for The Unicorn

    A dream of love through mental illness by

    Thought-provoking and emotionally moving, The Search for the Unicorn is a memoir recounting the months before and after the tragic suicide of the author’s partner. The work integrates his thoughts with her writings to tell the brief yet profound and ...

  • Life's Purpose

    Scaling the Ravine: Overcoming Cancer Divorce and Adversity by

    Told first in illustration then in real-life pictures, Life’s Purpose shares author Masood Osmani’s experiences struggling with cancer, divorce, a failing business, and deep depression. Doctors, priests, and psychologists don’t offer him any ...

  • What It Takes to Make It Through

    Stories of Suicide Resilience and Loss by

    “When I am suicidal, all rational thinking dissolves and black and white thinking prevails. It’s all or nothing, everyone or no one, never or forever. There is no room for sometimes, maybe, or less than perfect.” Let’s have a real conversation ...

  • The Truth About Suicide


    Take an enticing and raw look into the reality of mental health illnesses and the care system put in place. Follow a young woman on her adventure to finding her self. Full of emotion and personal experience. Showing an in depth look to mental health ...

  • I Don't Believe You


    Love is not practical; line up in a queue, Romantics can’t accept a rejection at face value. The height of insecurity, the dearth of regret, My spirit is broken, expectations I must reset. Convenient truths, I’m addicted to bullshit, This book is an ...

  • Treated Like a Liability

    Veterans Running Battles with the Government of Canada by

    War has evolved, and so have Canada’s security needs. A key asset in any military is high-quality personnel. However, the Canadian Armed Forces ability to attract quality personnel hinges on the success of Veteran Affairs Canada’s ability to care ...

  • Bridge Over The River Why

    A Guide for Those Who Have Suffered the Loss of a Child to Suicide by

    “In Bridge Over the River Why, the Coopers have succeeded in a dual task documenting their own journey through the grief of losing their son Eli by suicide, while at the same time providing a valuable resource for anyone who has had to face the same ...