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  • Tails from the B Side

    A Dog’s Journal About the C Word, Life and Human Foibles by

    Tails from the B Side is a dog's-eyed view of life from our narrator, Beowulf, a lovable and hilarious canine, who give readers his everyday observations of living with an anxious human in a quirky world. As a therapy dog and “reading tutor,” ...

  • Apprivoiser les Peurs-pas-fines

    l’histoire de bravoure de Léo le lionceau & Dans la tanière de Léo : Cahier de travail by

    Apprivoiser les Peurs-pas-fines débute par L’histoire de bravoure de Léo le lionceau. Léo est trop timide, nerveux et effrayé pour parler à d'autres animaux ou à ses enseignants – et il a définitivement peur de son propre rugissement. Avec l'aide ...

  • Taming Sneaky Fears

    Leo the Lion's Story of Bravery & Inside Leo's Den: the Workbook by

    Taming Sneaky Fears starts with Leo the Lion’s Story of Bravery. Leo is too shy, nervous, and scared to speak to other animals or his teachers—and he’s definitely afraid of his own roar. With his mother’s help, Leo learns that change takes patience, ...